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We are kind of new to recipes but we’ve had our podcast for a while. Make sure…

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Recipe at the bottom of the post We are kind of new to recipes but we’ve had…

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My Crazy Life

Listen to My Crazy Life HERE A pretty flower because it would be too hard to capture…

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Cheese Burger Soup-Doubled

The Cheese Burger Soup recipe is at the bottom of this post We are kind of new…

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Leaving The Nest

Listen to Leaving Home HERE Today, we talked about how we went about leaving the nest. We…

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Getting Away

Listen to Getting Away HERE Today we talked about a topic that really doesn’t get addressed enough…

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On The Road to Sustainability

Listen to On The Road To Sustainability HERE Today we got into a new topic that we’ve…

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First Jobs For Kids

Listen to First Jobs For Kids HERE Today we talked about our kids’ first exposure to employment….

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How’s Home School Going?

Listen to How’s Home School Going? HERE In this episode, we discussed how we are doing as…

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Things I Was Wrong about: Kitchen Edition

Listen to Things I was Wrong About: Kitchen Edition HERE We wouldn’t want you to think we’re…