Mom Guilt

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Few things are more pointless than guilt. Sure, we should feel guilty about truly wrong things we’ve done. But too often we beat ourselves up about things that really weren’t worth feeling guilty about. Mom guilt is especially difficult. I believe most moms are doing the very best they can to be the best they can. However, we look around at our lives and our kids and feel bad for things that have little control over.

Today, obviously, we dove into the world of mom guilt. We feel guilty about the silliest things. And comparing our families lives to the lives of other families is what can make it all the worse. Other families get may not have the benefit of having a parent at home all the time but can afford things my family can’t. It isn’t fair to compare my life to theirs because we both made choices that led us to where we are. For better or worse there is no place for guilt here. At least that is what we hope.

Every mom (and dad) deals with feelings of guilt surrounding parenting. We discussed a few strategies to help deal with it. We hope they help.

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