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The Great Transition

Listen to The Great Transition HERE Today we went way back to the beginning of motherhood for…

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Marriage: The Compromise

Listen to Marriage: The Compromise HERE There’s a saying that goes, “Happy marriages begin when we marry…

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Sustainable Homemaking part 2

Listen to Sustainable Homemaking part 2 HERE Pictured above is about a quarter of the tomato sauce…

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Time Management

Listen to Time Management HERE We all get the same 24 hours. What we do with those…

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Our Most Interesting Christmas Locations

Listen to Our Most Interesting Christmas Locations HERE Unfortunately not all pictures we took 15 years ago…

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Getting Away

Listen to Getting Away HERE Today we talked about a topic that really doesn’t get addressed enough…

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Things I Was Wrong about: Kitchen Edition

Listen to Things I was Wrong About: Kitchen Edition HERE We wouldn’t want you to think we’re…

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Side Hustles and Jobs For Us SAHMs

Listen to Side Hustles and Jobs For SAHMs HERE Today we talked about a few jobs we…

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A Few Tips To Save Money

Listen to this episode HERE Today we started a series on how we save money and don’t…

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Supporting Your Spouse

Listen to Supporting Your Spouse HERE. On this episode, we started a series on supporting your spouse….