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The In-laws Dun Dun DUN!

Listen to The In-Laws HERE Before we start check out our new venture into writing. We have…

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6 Budget Friendly Date Ideas

In marriage, so many things seem to pull you apart as a couple. Kids, work and even…

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Our Thoughts On The Harrison Butker Speech

Listen to Our Thoughts On The Harrison Butker Speech HERE Today, we took on a subject a…

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Why All The Man Bashing?

Listen to Man Bashing HERE Today, we took a little more serious topic on the podcast. We…

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Trad Wife Trend

Listen to Trad Wife Trend HERE Today we started a new series where we discuss current trends…

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When Was The Last Baby?-Family Size

Listen to When Was The Last Baby-Family Size HERE Today we got a little personal about our…

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Saving Money: Car Buying Edition

Listen to Saving Money: Car Buying Edition HERE Buying a car can be such a stressful experience….

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The Great Transition

Listen to The Great Transition HERE Today we went way back to the beginning of motherhood for…

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Marriage: The Compromise

Listen to Marriage: The Compromise HERE There’s a saying that goes, “Happy marriages begin when we marry…

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Sustainable Homemaking part 2

Listen to Sustainable Homemaking part 2 HERE Pictured above is about a quarter of the tomato sauce…