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Today we started a new series where we discuss current trends and what we think about them. You know we have thought about most things we come across.

You’ve heard about it. You’ve probably seen videos about it on social media. The trad wife is making a comeback. And to think, we were doing it before it was trendy. Just kidding. Seriously, though, being a traditional homemaker has been around since the beginning of time. Only recently, is it making a resurgence as a life goal for women. There is great fulfillment in staying home and raising a family. Women are starting to see that.

We discussed a few of our pros and cons to the trad wife lifestyle. Obviously we are a bit biased on the pro side of the aisle. We truly believe having a parent at home full time is good for the family. There are certainly sacrifices made to make it a reality but they are so worth it for the health of the family.

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Living a traditional lifestyle can provide stability and a sense of fulfillment for families.

Having a parent at home can promote a stable home life for children and allow for more time for community building.

Living a traditional lifestyle can provide opportunities for personal development and the ability to take care of the home and family.

There may be social stigma associated with choosing to be a traditional wife, but surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals can help create a supportive community.


00:00 Introduction to Tradwives

01:08 Personal Experience with Tradwives

01:31 Positives of the Tradwife Trend

04:03 Ability to Take Care of Home and Family

06:08 Building and Creating

08:14 Community Building

09:29 Time for Personal Development

11:17 Fulfillment and Guilt

13:35 Divide of Responsibilities

14:30 Homeschooling

26:58 Social Stigma

29:25 Conclusion

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