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Today we discussed a few things we have coming up for the spring season. Things are growing so our garden episodes will be in full swing. We are so excited to get back outside and make things grow. It is our hope our listeners will be making things grow too.

WE also have a few fun things coming down the pike. Did you hear our interview with the professional plumber? Check that out HERE. We are going to be continuing with our interview series. Our goal for the interviews is it give you knowledge to make you home more efficient and safer. Our upcoming interview will help you sleep better at night knowing your family is safe.

As you probably know, we love to eat. We will be doing a few episodes about summer meals that will be done so fast, you’ll hardly remember you made them. That way, you can get back enjoying this fleeting season with your family.



The hosts discuss the topics they hope to cover in the next few months, including seed starting, vacationing with kids, road trip food, budgeting, interviews with professionals, and easy summer recipes.

They mention upcoming episodes on trends and a 10 Things I Love series.

They reflect on the busyness of spring, including birthdays, end-of-school activities, and planting gardens.

The hosts offer tips for navigating the hectic season, such as planning ahead and prioritizing self-care.


00:00 Introduction and Spring Topics

02:05 Upcoming Episodes: Trends and 10 Things I Love Series

03:23 Interviews with Professionals: Fire Safety in the Home

04:43 Easy Summer Recipes: Quick and Nourishing Meals

09:05 Exploring Trends: Sharing Thoughts and Opinions

10:24 10 Things I Love Series: Light and Fun Topics

11:05 Navigating the Busyness of Spring: Birthdays and End-of-School Activities

15:46 Planting Gardens: Tips and Advice

Music is by Oliver Massa. It is called Weekend Chores

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