Do’s and Don’ts Of Plumbing, With a Real Plumber

Listen to Do’s and Don’t of Plumbing, With a Real Plumber HERE

We started a new series today. Have you always wanted to ask a professional about the inner workings of their profession? Well look no further than WifeStyle Hustle to get your questions answered. We are taking on interviews with professionals in different fields to find out how they handle things in their own homes and businesses. Join us, won’t you for this great new series!

Today’s Interview

Have you ever wondered what mysteries lurk in the plumbing behind your walls? For most people, as long as everything is moving along as it should, we give it almost no thought. It is only when a pipe springs a leak or the hot water heater breaks that we think about calling in the professionals to have a look.

Today was such a treat! We got to have our questions answered by a professional. Jeff was great fun to interview. He is so funny and makes it interesting to talk about something that can be kind of gross. He also gave us some great tips to keep our systems running smoothly for years to come.

Thanks to Jeff for joining us today!! We truly appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us and our listeners.

Have you heard our episode about how much we love our houseplants. Listen to that HERE Go listen to that if we’ve stressed you out about your plumbing. Making things grow is very therapeutic for plumbing stress.


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