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The Great Transition

Listen to The Great Transition HERE Today we went way back to the beginning of motherhood for…

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Marriage: The Compromise

Listen to Marriage: The Compromise HERE There’s a saying that goes, “Happy marriages begin when we marry…

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The Many Wonders of Houseplants

Listen to The Many Wonders of Houseplants HERE You may be asking yourself, how can two people…

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Sour Dough Made Easy

Listen to Sour Dough Made Easy HERE What’s better than warm fresh sour dough bread? Well, nothing!…

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January Funk

Listen to January Funk HERE It is that time of year. The holidays are over. The hubbub…

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Our Most Interesting Christmas Locations

Listen to Our Most Interesting Christmas Locations HERE Unfortunately not all pictures we took 15 years ago…

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Winter Teaser

Listen to Winter Teaser HERE Today we discussed some of the fun stuff we have coming up…

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When We Do What (Christmas)

Listen When Do We do What HERE Today we discussed how we handle our different Christmas activities….

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Women Veterans

Listen to Women Veterans HERE These bears belong to our mom. She got them when we were…

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My Crazy Life

Listen to My Crazy Life HERE A pretty flower because it would be too hard to capture…