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Today we dove into a personal topic for us. We don’t center our podcast around God because we want to be inclusive to all demographics. Motherhood, gardening, cooking and all the rest are things we can discuss across all beliefs. That said, today’s episode is a little different. We wanted to talk a bit about our beliefs as they are what makes us part of who we are. Centering our and our families lives around God and our relationship with Him is a huge part of who we are. We discussed it today.

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Music is by Oliver Massa. It is called Weekend Chores.


Becoming a Christian can have a profound impact on one’s perspective and life.

Attending a Christian summer camp can make being a Christian cool and fun.

Challenges in faith include letting go of control and trusting in God’s plan.

Living out one’s faith in front of children is important for their spiritual development.

Answering tough questions about faith helps strengthen one’s own beliefs and provides guidance to others.


00:00 The Journey of Becoming a Christian

06:26 Challenges in Faith: Letting Go and Trusting God

10:54 Living Out Faith in Front of Children

15:37 Answering Tough Questions about Faith

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