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Today, we continued our budgeting series. Vacations can be so expensive but they don’t have to be. A little bit of for thought can save you heaps of money while still having a great time with your family. We wanted to do this episode early in the season because the most important part of budgeting for vacation is starting with a plan early. If you wait until the last minute it is much harder to stay within your budget.

Have you heard the other episodes in this series? If you’re looking for ways to save money, we have done episode on most topics. You can listen to them all by searching “budgeting” on our website. You can catch a few of our most recent ones HERE and HERE.

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Traveling off-season can save you money on accommodations and attractions.

Booking accommodations in advance and shopping around for deals can help you find the best prices.

Packing your own food and taking advantage of free breakfasts can save you money on meals.

Setting a budget for souvenirs and bringing entertainment for downtime can help you stick to your budget and keep everyone entertained.

Vacations don’t have to be expensive to be enjoyable.


00:00 Introduction

04:23 Booking Accommodations

10:31 Setting a Souvenir Budget

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