Saving Money: Car Buying Edition

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Buying a car can be such a stressful experience. Hearing the horror stories for other consumers is enough to send shivers down your spine just thinking about it. But it is something everyone has to do eventually. Going into it prepared is so crucial to saving money.

Today we discussed a few strategies to make car buying a little more bearable. These tips can help you get the best deal on your next vehicle. Shopping around is the biggest take away for the episode.

We mentioned a car buying site. was the one we mentioned. is another good one to check out.

One thing we missed talking about during the episode is starting early. We did discuss driving your vehicle into the ground. But there is a balancing act there. You have to start shopping for a new vehicle before your old vehicle breaks down for the last time. This gives you the time you need to look around and find the right car for you. If you wait too long, you limit your available search window. For us, we like to buy vehicles from farther south where things don’t get as rusty. We have to balance the life left in our vehicle with our need to travel a little ways to purchase.

Have you heard our episode about holiday budgeting. Listen to that HERE A big part of budgeting for the holidays is starting early. No time like the present.

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