Kids and Online Life

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We took on a big topic today. We discussed how we handled our kids being online through the ages. It is so hard to know, as parents, how to let go of the reins and let your kids start to go online. For us, it was something we avoided for a long time. There was no reason to let our preteens loose on the internet so we didn’t. Did we handle it correctly? We think so for our kids. But that doesn’t mean that is the way it should be or has to be for all kids. Every family has to make these decisions for themselves on the right timeline for them.

We tried not to scare the parents of young kids too much. There are some really good things on the internet that can provide real value. The hard part for parents is allowing those good thing through while providing a safe environment for our kids to explore. It can be a challenge. But it is possible.

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