Get to Know Us

Listen to our Introduction episode HERE and get to know us better.

On the right

I’m Ellyn. I’ve been married to an amazing man for the last 23 years. We have 3 awesome kids and live in the Northeast. Between the military and my husband’s job we traveled a lot for the first half of our marriage. But Our family has been pretty settled since we had kids. We live in a great area to raise a family and are very happy here. We are into our 10th year of home school. Our oldest graduated last year and is working on finding his way. Our older daughter is a junior this year. She’s thinking about what is next for her and also enjoying the rest of her growing up. And our youngest is 4 and is somewhere between Pre-K and Kindergarten. That’s home school for you. It is a crazy life but we love it! I hope you will enjoy hearing about it.

On the Left

Hi! I’m Lauren, in my free time I garden, cook, homeschool my kids and a few other hobbies. I like to talk about all of them, hence the podcast. My hubby and I have been married for 20 years and have three kids under 10. We met in the military, which seems like a lifetime ago. My goals for our podcast are to help people live a little bit easier of a life, and laugh while they do it. 

Our Reason

We started this podcast as a way to encourage young moms that the hard days and nights are worth it. It can be so lonely when you have little kids. We are there in the trenches with you and hope to walk along side other women on this road.

photo credit to our mom. We aren’t the most cooperative subjects. She did her best.