The Effect Of Birth Order On Our Family

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The effect of birth order has been studied through the ages. You’ve heard them. The oldest is an organized leader. The middle child is a peacekeeper. And the youngest is a free spirit. These generalizations seem to hold true across many families. Today, we compared these findings to our own families to see if it all holds true for us. Over all, the generalizations held true for the most part. But we had a few exceptions as most families do. Kids don’t like to conform to generalizations.

Even within our two families we have some unique dynamics that probably plays a role in our non conformity.

Lastly today we discussed a few ways to help overcome some of the more negative generalizations associated with birth order. We, as parents, can help through our actions alleviate some of these pressures. Our kids shouldn’t have to feel like they have to be a certain way just because of the order they were born.

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