Would You Rather?

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Have you ever seen those surveys online? Would you rather live in the on the beach or in the mountains? I think we all have. Well, today we took on a few of those questions and discussed our answers.

It is always fun to think about, if I could have things be different, what would I choose? For most things I think we would choose the lives we have over and over. But how fun would it be to live in a place totally different from where we are.

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Music is by Oliver Massa. It is called Weekend Chores


Having a maid is preferred over having someone to do laundry or a cook

Preferences for living in town or in the country can change over time

The number of states visited can vary greatly among individuals

Having triplets can be challenging, but some prefer it over spacing out children

Vans and SUVs have different advantages and disadvantages


00:00 Answering Common Internet Questions

06:08 The Town vs. Country Debate

13:19 Counting the States Visited

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