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Today, we talked about something everyone has if they’re married. In-laws!! While we have been pretty fortunate in our relationships, it is still a relationship that takes intentionality in order to nurture and develop. And unlike your spouse, you don’t get to choose them. They’re part of the package when you get married. We reflected on the beginning of your relationship with each of our husband’s families. And on some of the horror stories from our friends. Again, we are extremely fortunate.

You’ll want to check out the end of the episode where we talked about the fantasy land we live in where we are going to be the perfect in-laws when our kids all get married. Make sure and listen to that and hold us to it in years to come. Haha!

Have you heard our episode about the effect of both order on your family. Check that out HERE. It was a fun episode.

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Take time for fun and exploration, like going on field trips

Building a good relationship with in-laws is important

Viewing in-laws as a blessing and showing respect and care can foster a positive relationship

In-laws play a role in raising the person you love most Meeting and getting to know your in-laws’ siblings can be a fun and rewarding experience.

The relationship with in-laws can be different from the relationship with parents, and it’s important to establish boundaries and treat each other as a unit.

Parents should pray for their children’s future spouses and invest in the relationship even before meeting them.

Communication and open dialogue with in-laws are key to maintaining healthy relationships.


00:00 Introduction and Announcement

01:32 Recent Activities and Field Trips

21:13 The Role of In-Laws in Raising the Person You Love Most

22:27 Meeting In-Laws

23:08 Bonding with Siblings-in-Law

25:03 Spending Time with In-Laws

26:31 Watching Siblings-in-Law Grow Up

27:34 Different Relationships with In-Laws

29:48 Establishing Boundaries

32:40 Dealing with Overbearing In-Laws

33:58 Recognizing Inappropriate Behavior

39:33 Treating young couples as a Unit

41:22 Praying for Future for future sons and daughters-in-law

42:15 Maintaining Healthy Relationships

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