6 Budget Friendly Date Ideas

In marriage, so many things seem to pull you apart as a couple. Kids, work and even hobbies can take up the limited time available to share with your spouse. So, what can you do to get closer as a couple? The simple answer is make time for each other. Plan it into your week, and write it on your calendar, because it is more important than anything else you have going on. It doesn’t have to break the bank, though. If you’re looking for budget friendly date ideas on how to squeeze in some extra time with your spouse you have come to the right place.

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These date ideas are easy to pull together and will bring you closer as a couple. Enjoy the list!

Dinner and a Movie at Home

  • Plan for after the kids go to bed.
  • Take-out can save on effort and make it a more relaxed evening.
  • If you’re going to watch a movie, choose it in advance so you can dive right into your evening together.

This one is great because it gives you kid-free time that doesn’t cost too much. No babysitter or excessive cost of a meal can really take a load off your finances. 

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Evening Picnic

  • Work out where you will go, or even plan the picnic in your own yard if that is a quiet spot.
  • Bring along a basket with some snacks or a game to play together.
  • If it is your thing, bring along your telescope to look at the stars. It’s a great conversation starter.

An evening picnic can be so nice and quiet. Without the distractions of the house, it can really give you a chance to talk and catch up on your week. Another great thing about this option is if it’s your own yard, it is nearly free. Even if you have to get a babysitter, it can save you on the cost of dinner or the cost of other activities. 

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Game Night

  • You will need to gather up a few of the games that you like to play, and that can be played with just two.
  • Create a good place to play games. If the dining table works, that may be best, but set up in another room, if the sleeping children are too close. 
  • Set up snacks and drinks to make it a little more fun. 

Playing games together is another cost-effective way of spending time with your spouse. It is also really fun to do with another couple or a group of couples. 

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Go For a Hike

  • Bring along a picnic, and plan to stop for a little.
  • Make sure to plan a walk for your skill level. Remember you don’t have to wander through the wilderness, you can take your walk on the sidewalk or on a local nature trail. 

In most cases, this option is nearly free. Spending time together in this way is multitasking, working in your exercise as well as your time together. 

No matter how you decide to do it, spending time alone with your spouse is one of the most important things you can do for your family. Just leave out the ax throwing if you aren’t getting along. These budget friendly date ideas will have you looking forward to getting to spend time together.

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