Learning From Common Parenting Fails

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On to today’s episode:

We’ve all heard them. We’ve all done some or all of them.Over indulgence, inconsistent discipline, helicopter parenting..and the list goes on and on. It is easy to fall into the trap of some these common parenting fails. Our kids are so cute. Maybe just one more toy will be fine. And one more, and one more. Before you know it you have a house full of toys and a spoiled child. Recognizing these common parenting fails early can save a lot of problems down the road. Our kids will be better for our restraint.

Today we discussed a few of our own failings in these areas and what we did about it to get back on track. Too often you don’t see it until we are in the thick of it and see our kids demanding more and more. Oops. Parenting fail. I know I’ve been there quite a number of times as my big kids have grown up. It is hard to see until you’re there.

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Overindulging children can create unrealistic expectations and entitlement.

Comparing your child to others can lead to unnecessary pressure and dissatisfaction.

Helicopter parenting can hinder a child’s independence and problem-solving skills.

Inconsistent discipline can confuse children and undermine authority.

Avoid judging other parents and focus on your own parenting journey.

Overscheduling can lead to stress and limited quality time with children.


00:00 Introduction

00:21 Overindulgence

01:20 Comparisons

03:07 Inconsistent Discipline

04:06 Judgment

04:16 Inconsistent Discipline (continued)

08:12 Helicopter Parenting (continued)

09:38 Inconsistent Discipline (continued)

11:01 Helicopter Parenting (continued)

13:55 Inconsistent Discipline (continued)

14:24 Inconsistent Discipline (continued)

21:08 Conclusion

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