Time Management

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We all get the same 24 hours. What we do with those hours is up to us..Mostly. Learning good time management is so important to having a stress free and productive day, week, month, life. It can be hard to look at all you have to do in a day and want to tackle any of it.

Today we discussed how we manage it all, sometimes with grace, often without. We do our best to make our lives as stress free as possible. Being good with our time is a major piece of this puzzle. When you constantly feel behind and like there is so much to do, it can be very stressful. By looking at your day and planning things out you can reduce that stress and make your life more organized in the process.

Another thing we talked about today was helping our kids develop good time management skills. Being good with your time is a learned behavior. It is our job, as parents, to help our kids learn this skill. We talked about a few tips to help your kids learn how to be better with their 24 hours.

Have you heard us talk about our crazy lives? We have to be good time managers over here or we would lose our minds. Listen to that HERE

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Music is by Oliver Massa. It is called Weekend Chores


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