Sustainable Homemaking part 2

Listen to Sustainable Homemaking part 2 HERE

Pictured above is about a quarter of the tomato sauce I canned last year. So much work but so worth it.

On our first episode in this series, found HERE, we talked about ways we try to make homemaking sustainable. We’re finishing up our series today.

As with last time, some things you can do once and they’re done. Other things you have to do over and over again. But once you get in the habit, things like waste reduction aren’t as daunting anymore. Getting all members of the family on board is another big way to make everything easier. An added bonus of that is you are passing on sustainable practices. Your kids can then incorporate in their own families when they grow up.

Another big one for my family (Ellyn) is tackling home projects ourselves. We are big DIYers. We didn’t come into adulthood with a lot of home improvement skills but with YouTube and internet articles we can figure out how to do most small projects ourselves.

Did you know we talked about sustainability one another time? Listen to The Road to Sustainability HERE

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