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A pretty flower because it would be too hard to capture the level of chaos we’re talking about here. And Look, it’s beautiful!

Do you feel it? It’s coming! We are closing in on that time of year when everything is taking up your time and it feels like the walls are closing in. OK, not quite. But close. The holiday season is upon us. As soon as Halloween is over, Christmas is everywhere in the stores. You can feel the busy creeping up on you. In some ways it can steal the joy from the season.

Today, we talked about a few ways to cope with it all. It feels very overwhelming when someone is always requesting a few moments of your time, and you have to clean for your in-law’s visit, and you have to buy a costume for your kids’ Christmas play, and you have to bake 2 dozen cookies for their class party and and and…First and foremost, take a deep breath. It is going to be OK. All of those things will get done and likely by you. But they can all fit into their spot in line.

We talked about finding time for the important stuff and also being OK with saying no to things. There are 24 hours in the day and if yours are full that is just fine.

Next Monday we will be doing an episode that we think will make your life a little easier in the kitchen this holiday season. Make sure and come back and check it out.

We want to offer you some comic relief. Check out our Things I Was Wrong About: Kitchen Edition HERE to make you feel better about yourself.

Music is by Oliver Massa. It is called Weekend Chores

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