Things I Was Wrong about: Kitchen Edition

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We wouldn’t want you to think we’re good at every thing we touch from the very first day. Actually I think that has been pretty well established already. But as further proof, we offer today’s episode. Today, we discussed just some of our many failings in the kitchen. It really was hard to narrow it down to just these. These were the winners or losers as the case may be. HAHA!

We hailed all the way back to the beginning of our marriages for this episode. We ate a lot of bad food in the early days. Thankfully we and our husbands saw potential in each other and stuck around through the burnt food.

We also talked about some cake fails, bread fails, jam fails and canning fails. Truly we laid is all bare here. If you want to feel better as a cook and as a person go ahead and give today’s episode a listen.

Did you think that was funny? Well have we got another episode for you. Click HERE to listen to Things I Was Wrong About: Parent Edition. You’ll feel better about your parenting after a listen.

How have you failed in the kitchen? Do tell! Don’t let us have all the failing fun. Head on over to one of our social media pages and tell us about it.

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