Bedtime: All The Parents Rejoice

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Being a kid is tiring business. All that running, jumping, playing, wrestling, thinking, learning and fun will wear a person right out. They need their rest. If you’ve ever been around a kid who hasn’t gotten enough sleep, you know it isn’t pretty. They don’t know yet how to regulate themselves. And that tiredness can show in a lot of different ways. The best way to avoid these situations is to make sure your kiddos are well rested. A consistent bedtime is key

Today we talked about making that happen. Gauging activity level, attitude, and natural wake time are great ways to figure out appropriate bedtime. A consistent bedtime routine helps your kids, even little kids, understand the what is happening. Besides, there is really nothing better than snuggling on the couch reading books. We love the relaxing time leading into bedtime.

Let’s face it, bedtime is good for parents too. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all. And, it is so nice to get a few quiet moments in the evening to do things that you want to do. Or things you couldn’t do while your kids are awake. It is lovely to watch a show or eat a snack without someone constantly needing your attention. I’ve always thought it makes me a better parent to get a break. For me, I come back in the morning refreshed and ready to start another day.

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