Nurturing Your Kid’s Ambitions

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When our kids are little they have huge dreams. Kid’s ambitions can range from Army ranger to rock star to ballerina to veterinarian to so much more. The hard part for parents is to help our kids hone their desires with their drive and natural abilities. Few short folks don’t usually make it as professional basketball players.

It can be so difficult to know when to push your kids and when to give them space. Today, we discussed our experiences with nurturing our kid’s ambitions. I can’t say we’ve always handled this well. But, I think we have found a few things that have helped us and our kids figure out the next step. As some of our kids are getting closer to fleeing the nest it is all that much more important to know when to push and when to let ride.

Have you heard our episode about out of the house activities for home schoolers? Listen to that HERE A great place to start to nurture our kid’s ambitions is to try new things. Getting involved in activities is a great confidence builder.

We started doing transcripts a few episodes ago. If you missed something during the show and don’t want to listen all over, give the transcript a look.

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