Raised Bed vs In-ground Gardening

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This was such a fun episode and a testament that we don’t agree on everything.

Today we talked about our different gardening methods. We discussed the pros and cons of each method.

Raised Bed Gardening

I (Ellyn) love my raised bed gardens. They’re beautiful and so productive but they are a little more work on the front end. They must be built and filled. The upside of that is you have complete control over what goes into your soil. The downside is it is a little more work and possible expense. Raised beds are great if your soil isn’t amazing or if your land is a little too wet for an in-ground garden. For me, I love pretty things. I love that my garden doesn’t just feed my family but it also adds aesthetic beauty to our yard. For us, that is important because our vegetable garden is visible from the street and from my favorite spot to sit in our yard. I love my raised beds!


I (Lauren) love in-ground gardening because there are no defined edges to my garden. If I want a new bed I can just go out and lay cardboard down. Boom! New planting bed. I think in-ground gardening gives larger plants all the space they need to thrive. They aren’t confined by the edges of the bed. The only downsides I’ve found with in-ground gardening is it is harder on the back. There is a fair amount of bending over or crawling around involved with in-ground gardening. The other possible downside is it can be less attractive than raised bed gardening, though not always. I love my in-ground garden!

Whatever method you choose is good. We have different reasons for our chosen methods. I think the important take away from this episode is there isn’t a right way to do it. Raising your own food is so rewarding no matter what way you choose to do it.

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