Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

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Oh hi! Welcome back! We hope everyone had a restful and joyous Christmas season. We sure did!

This leads us right into our topic for today. We discussed how we handle going back to all the things in January. It is so nice to take a break and enjoy some time at home with no real commitments. Most activities stop for the week between Christmas and New Year. That frees up some time to enjoy your family in a way that really isn’t possible most other times during the year.

It can be a little daunting to go back to it after so much unscheduled time. We hope we helped come with a few strategies to make the transition a little easier.

Hey! Did you notice? This is our 50th episode! One of our goals for the new year is to grow. We would love for you to help us. Please share our podcast with your friends. We try to keep our content light and fun. Who doesn’t need some of that in their life.

A lot of people try to do some budgeting and money saving in the New Year. We did a few episodes on the this last year. We did saving money at the grocery store HERE and a couple on general budgeting HERE and HERE. I know I usually spend a few minutes this time of year looking at our family’s finances. We hope these episodes will help you also. Starting the new year with a financial vision for the coming year is liberating in a way.

Music is by Oliver Massa. It is called Weekend Chores

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