Saving Money Part 2

More ways to save

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This is the second part in an ongoing series. We are big on saving money where we can. In this episode, we shared a way more ways we save money. Not being frivolous with our finances is something both of our families take seriously. It can look a lot of different ways for every family. It really depends on a lot of factors. We find it actually saves a lot of money to have one parent stay home. There aren’t any child care costs. That’s huge. It also saves because the at home parent can cook more meals from scratch and grow a big garden to help save on food costs. This makes such a difference in the bottom line of the family budget.

Saving money is also finding ways to not spend unnecessary money. We do things like call our credit card company and ask for better rates. Sometimes your cell or cable company will give you a better a deal if you ask. Doing these little things consistently can save a lot of money. Also call if you notice an unexpected jump in any of your bills. Sometime clerical errors do happen.

Another great way to save is with Amazon’s Mom’s Club. Get up to 20% off on diapers, baby food and more Find out more HERE

We hope you enjoy this episode and find a few ways to help your family save money.

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How do you save money in for your family. Do you have an idea for us? We would love to hear it. Shoot us an email to Feel free to reach out to us any of our socials if you have a show idea for us. We would love to hear from you.

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