Games We Love and Why You Should Too

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Games have always been a big part of our lives. We love them! We have found many winners and a few losers over the years. Today, we discussed them all.

We spend a lot of time in our lives playing games. It is a great winter time activity. When it is cold, snowy and blowy outside there is really nothing better than tucking in around a game board and playing. In all the games we love, the hardest part is picking just one.

The games we play with our kids have changed through the ages. In the early years, luck plays a bigger part in who wins. As our kids have gotten older, we have gotten to move into more skills based games. It feels like you have paid yours dues and now get to really have fun.

We discussed a lot of games in this episode. Below please find links for all of them.

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Make and Break



Blokus   Ages 7 and up


Steve confirms Ellyn’s son beats him roughly half the time

Guess Who

Corn hole



We discussed sibling rivalry HERE. Go give it a listen.

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