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Sibling Rivalry

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Parents everywhere cringe when their kids bicker. We are no exception. All kids argue. It is probably the least fun part of everyday parenting.

Today, we discussed how we deal with the different aspects of sibling rivalry. There are lot of reasons our kids compete with each other. They compete for parental attention or out of jealousy. They sometimes just have a competitive streak they don’t know how to deal with in other ways.

I can’t say we really came up with a lot of solutions for dealing with sibling rivalry. I think we both try to have more of a hands off approach to it. Dealing with conflict is part of growing up. As parents, sometime dealing with it is sending them to their own corners. Sometimes it is gritting your teeth and letting them figure it out for themselves. Navigating what the right thing is in the moment is one of the great parenting quandaries.

All we can say is if you are in a season where your kids are fighting it very likely will get better with time. We fought like cats when we were kids. But now We are the best of friends. We definitely don’t agree on everything. However, We can manage to not fight with one another anymore either.

We gave a few tips on kids and screens HERE. Go give it a listen.

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