A Few Tips To Save Money

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Today we started a series on how we save money and don’t spend unnecessary money. We are mostly stay at home moms. Ellyn went back to work very part time this spring after 17 years at home. It has been Interesting juggling my 2-6 hours a week with my husband’s schedule. I give a lot of credit to families who have two full time working parents.

We feel we have a few tricks up our sleeves that help us save money. We hope these tricks help other people too. I learned a few things today from my sister. I hope you do too.

We don’t think all tips work for all families but we do believe that every family, including ours, wastes unnecessary money. The goal of this episode is to help people see where that waste might be. And help them figure out where to cut unnecessary spending.

We mentioned hanging out laundry during this episode. This is the clothes drying rack Lauren uses here Hanging out laundry is a great money saver. The dryer uses so much energy. Outdoor breezes are free. It only costs you a little time hanging things out.

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