Supporting Your Spouse

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On this episode, we started a series on supporting your spouse. Every husbands/wife team is different. So this will look completely different for every couple. We never claim to be doing this or anything the ‘right’ way. But we have found some things that have worked for us in our lives and with our families. We hope we can guide some other couples in pursuit of marital bliss.

This is a huge discussion that reaches into every area of life. We believe it is the backbone to the family. A happy and committed husband/wife team make for a happy family. We will be revisiting this topic a few times.

For today, we focused on our husbands’ role in supporting us at home and away. Some of the things we talked about include how we divide household chores, how we handle parenting responsibilities and how we take care of odd jobs that popup.

Things aren’t ice cream and cupcakes all the time. But, if both parties decide to give grace and try to look at situations from the other’s perspective, it works!

We talked about how we handle kids and chores through the ages here. Give it a listen if you’re looking for some tips.

As always, we are looking for episode ideas or comments on today’s topic. Send us an email at We would love to hear from you on today’s topic. What do you think the key to marital bliss is? Feel free to reach out to us on any of the social media platforms at Wifestyle Hustle.

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