Grocery Store Budgeting

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Today we talked about how we save money at the grocery store. This is the second episode in our budgeting series. Saving money at the grocery store starts with a plan. Impulse buys are the killer of budgets.

We discussed some things that help us save money. Have you ever noticed most grocery stores are designed the same way? The whole foods tend to be on the outside wall of the store. By sticking to the periphery, you stay away from the processed foods. That is a little teaser from today’s show.

We also discussed stretching meals with carbs. Beans, pasta and rice are great ways to make meals go farther when you’re feeding a large family.

Lastly, no episode about saving money would be complete without a few dirty little secrets we use on busy nights to get everyone fed. Everyone has evenings where you are so far behind there is no way to get dinner on the table by 6. You can stress about it or you can enjoy a completely unwholesome meal and do better tomorrow. We choose the latter when faced with such decisions

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