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There are few things that strike fear in a parent’s heart like going on a long road trip with a car full of kids. If you are like us, a trip to grandma’s house is a little farther than over the river and through the woods. We take trips that last from a few hours on the short side and two long days on the longer side.

Today, we discussed how we make road trips work. There is so much to think about when planning a family trip. How many pairs of socks should we bring? Is the oil change due before we go? Where will we stay when we get there? Honestly, we can’t really help you with any of that. But we can help you keep the kids entertained in the car. We can help you figure out easy snacks and lunch. We can help you keep your sanity with some fun car games and activities.

This episode also has a few horror stories to help keep it all real. We definitely don’t have it all together. Our horror stories are truly epic. You’ll never look at a Big Gulp cup the same way again. Please try not to judge.

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be scary or daunting. A little planning makes everything easier and more fun for everyone.

Apps Mentioned in the Podcast

We mentioned two apps in the episode. Lauren mentioned Wunderlist for making sure she remembers all the things when traveling. We both love the Libby app for listening to audio books. Both can be downloaded on the Playstore or App Store.

Directions For Setting Up Libby

Once you have downloaded the libby app, click on the three little lines icon in the center at the bottom. “Add library” is in red on this screen, click it. Once on this screen you can choose the zip code of any major library system you are interested in. You do have to figure out the zip code on your own by doing an internet search. Libby will forward you to that library system to sign up for a library card.  Many libraries have a digital card so you can get the card number immediately and enter it into libby to gain access to that library. Some of the largest city libraries will only let a person who lives in state, use their library, so we recommend using a library or library system from your own state. Good luck!

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Music is by Oliver Massa. It is called Weekend Chores.

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