Why We Garden

Episode 2

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Fresh tomatoes are why we garden

Why We Garden -this is the first episode in our gardening series. Check back often for more.

In this episode, we discuss why we garden and how. We discussed the joy gardening brings us. We can’t imagine our lives without growing things. From the first tiny tomato on the vine to the jar of sauce waiting for a cold winter night to be turned into a beautiful spaghetti sauce, there is joy in all of it.

We also talked about incorporating our garden vegetables into our everyday summer meals.

We discussed what we like to grow and the the satisfaction of biting in a vegetable without even washing the dirt off first. So so Good!!

Does growing a vegetable garden save money in the family budget? We discussed how we feel we save money by planting a garden. There are lots of ways to spend money in the garden. We shared a few shortcuts to help cut the costs growing your own food.

Lastly we discussed, briefly food preservation. Garden season in the northeast is short. You have to make the most of it and preserve as much as you can for the long winter. We talked about it a little today. And will discuss it more extensively in a future episode.

We grew up in a gardening family and believe it is so important to pass the tradition along to the next generation.

As always if you have ideas for us on a future gardening topic you’d like to hear us discuss please drop us a line at wifestylehustle@gmail.com

If you missed it, you can check out our intro post here.

Music is by Oliver Massa. It is called Weekend Chores.

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