On On One Time With Your Kids

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Today we discussed how important it is to spend time alone with your kids. There are things you will only hear from your kids if you are alone away from the nosy ears of siblings. It is such a treat, usually, to get the hear these little pearls. It is also great to build individual relationships with your kids.

Our families are a little different in how we manage to find this time. It can look however you want it to. But it is important to try to incorporate it. It can be simple like taking just one kid grocery shopping. Alone time can be on the drive to the store and back. Or it can be more structured than that. A hike or lunch out is a great way to make sure you get that time together. Letting one child a night help with dinner is a great way to get a few quality moments alone.

You won’t hear Earth shattering revelations every session you get one on one time. But what you’re doing is keeping the lines of communication open so that when something big does come up you’re there. And the space to have these conversations is already established.

The teen years are especially important to make time for one on ones. But the habit of doing it should already be established.

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