First Jobs For Kids

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Today we talked about our kids’ first exposure to employment. When your kids are young, their only real employment opportunities are the ones you create for them. Maybe it is helping around the house or the yard. Or maybe it is a helping an older neighbor or family member. But as your kids get older, they can start find money making opportunities for themselves.

For young teens, babysitting and lawn mowing are easy money making opportunities. In some areas, snow shoveling is a great way to make a little extra money. I told my young teens, the more loathsome the job the more people are willing to pay someone else to do it. It served them well in finding employment.

Older teens and young adults get to experience their first real job. It is so exciting and a little scary to send your teen off for their first real job interview. When they come back employed, there really isn’t a better feeling.

The last thing we talked about today was giving your kids opportunities to volunteer. So many organizations need volunteers. And kids love to give back to their communities. We highly recommend getting your kids plugged into the community to help out.

Along the same lines as today’s episode we bring you Allowance, What We Do. Here we discussed how we handle money with our kids. Listen to that HERE

Do you have kids looking for employment? Where have they found jobs? What do they do to earn money? Tell us about it on social.

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