Gratitude-How To Get Some

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Today, we talked about how important is to teach your kids gratitude. Whether is it being thankful for the glass of water handed to them or the bigger blessings in life, teaching your kids to look for ways to be thankful is so important. Making a point to lead our kids to be thankful is a big lesson. And one so often over looked.

It is the little things every single day that lead to a grateful heart. It is more than just the pleases and thank yous. Though those first phrases are important. But it is also making the time to help your child see how blessed they are on an age appropriate level.

This can look a like a hundred different things. For a two year old, it might be being thankful for a warm coat when its cold outside. For an older child it is could be being grateful for a sunny day or a helpful friend. It is also showing them you’re thankful for what you have. Our kids are always watching us. It is so important for us to make sure we are thankful in front of our kids. Say how thankful you are for the the warm house that keeps you dry. Or that you’re thankful for the kind words of a stranger. Make sure to tell your kids how thankful you are to have them and for them.

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