When We Do What (Christmas)

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Today we discussed how we handle our different Christmas activities. Christmas is such a busy time of year. One of the biggest keys for staying sane this time of year is staying organized. It is so easy to let the season get away from you. The next thing you know it is the week before Christmas and your presents are only half bought. You don’t have to tree up or have any idea who is coming for Christmas dinner. A little forethought and organization can help you avoid all of that.

There are definitely times all the organization in the world can’t save you. Your kids comes home and tells you about the Secret Santa party TOMORROW at school and they need a gift. But if you have your ducks in a row in other areas, it is easier to roll with the punches in just one area.

As always, we suggest starting early so you can enjoy the season with your family. This does a few things that are so helpful. First it helps to spread our the financial strain a little. One of the hardest parts of this time of year is how costly it is. The second starting early helps with is letting you enjoy the joy of the season instead running around like a crazy person trying to get it all done.

Speaking of getting your shopping done early, here are a couple of episode we did to help you with yours.

We did one on our favorite toys through the ages HERE

and one on our favorite games HERE

and one on our favorite books HERE

Music is by Oliver Massa. It is called Weekend Chores

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