The Wonderful Combination of Kids and Pets

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Today we talked about kids and pets and how much they make us smile. Whether you like small reptiles or giant dogs, the relationship your kids will develop with them is magical.

Pets can bring so much to our lives. They love unconditionally. Pets are an endless source of comic relief. They make a house feel very homey. And no one is happier to see you after a long day away than your pet. Actually not sure this is true of iguanas. Maybe they have more personality than I think. Any lizard lovers out there?

We also talked about the need to socialize your pet in this episode. Just like our kids, you can’t expect your pet to be comfortable in every situation unless you have prepared them to accept new things in their early years. It is important to be able to read your pet and assess their level of comfort in the situation. Remove them if you can see they need a break.

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