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Well today we dove into something new. First we confessed something. Neither of us are recipe followers. We are creators. This often means that the same dish almost never comes out exactly the same way twice. Today, we talked about how we do it and shared some of the benefits of learning this inspiration cooking.

In the second half of the this episode we talked about some of our favorite meals to double. It does take a bit of planning to pull this off. You may have to think ahead a bit and cook on nights you’re home so that you don’t on busy night. On those nights you can just heat up what you made the previous night.

Tools you might need

We talked a bit about some the things you will need to make it work. We’ve provided a few handy links below.

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saute pan 5 Quart:

5 quart pot

Large plastic food storage for leftovers

Big Glass food storage for leftovers

Large baking dish

12 quart pot

7 quart saute pan

Half gallon mason jars

Gallon mason jars

The best part of this episode to we have some recipes for you that we’ve been posting over the last few days. These are recipes with measurements and instructions. But we highly recommend making these recipes your own. It is easier than you think.

Remember, these are doubled recipes. So the ingredient list is going to look really big.

Here they are

Cheeseburger Soup




Korean Beef

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Do you have meals you like to double? Please give us some ideas over on social. We are always looking for new things to add to our repertoire.

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