Saving Money: Garden Edition. Part 2

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Today we continued our garden editions of our saving money series. Saving money in the vegetable garden is so important to make the garden a sustainable enterprise for your family. I try to make the vegetables I grow be as cheap as possible. This often means a little more work and elbow grease for me. But that is OK. The work is good for me and makes my vegetable garden all the more rewarding.

If you missed part 1 in this series you can find that HERE. Both episodes in the series had great information. Give it a listen for more tips.

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Part 2 Recap

Propagate existing plants to save money and increase your garden’s productivity.

Dump old potting soil into your garden or compost to improve soil quality.

Choose perennials and plants that reseed to save money on replanting.

Mulch wisely using materials like wood chips, leaves, or straw.

Engage in DIY garden decor to personalize your garden and save money.

Consider community gardening to share resources and build a sense of community.

Learn about each plant’s needs to optimize their growth and productivity.

Use natural pest control methods to protect your plants without harming beneficial insects.

Preserve your food through canning, drying, or freezing to reduce waste and enjoy homegrown produce year-round.

Practice successive planting to maximize your garden’s productivity throughout the growing season.


00:00 Introduction

00:27 Tip 12: Propagating Existing Plants

01:26 Tip 13: Dump Old Potting Soil

03:06 Tip 15: Mulch Wisely

05:08 Tip 16: DIY Garden Decor

06:13 Tip 17: Community Gardening

08:11 Tip 18: Learn About Each Plant

09:08 Tip 19: Use Natural Pest Control

10:41 Tip 20: Preserve Your Food

12:16 Tip 21: Successive Planting

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