Making Space by Clearing Out Toys

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As you look across the sea of toys in your house, you know it is about to get a whole lot worse. Grandmas and grandpas, aunt and uncles and friends all love your kids very much and enjoy giving them gifts in the Christmas season. What a blessing these people are. But at the same time you know that January will see even less floor space in your house. Unless…you clear out some toys now. A little preparing now will help make the holidays feel a lot less cluttered and also help with ringing in the year not buried under a mound of toys.

Today, we discussed how we handle the deluge of toys at our houses. We talked about how we handle it through the ages. How you handle it with toddlers is very different than how you do with older kids.

With little kids, it is better to unload stuff when they aren’t around. They will fall back in love with that broken, ripped, faded, out grown thingy mabobit every time if you allow them to see it. For older kids, there are discussions that can be had that will help ease their desire to keep every single toy they’ve had since birth. Today, we tried to help you help them cope.

Have you heard our episode allowance. Listen to how we handle that HERE

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