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Take The Kids Out To Eat

Listen to Taking The Kids Out To Eat HERE Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash Today we…

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Christmas Hacks

Listen to Christmas Hacks HERE Today’s episode was so fun. I love it when I hear practical…

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When We Do What (Christmas)

Listen When Do We do What HERE Today we discussed how we handle our different Christmas activities….

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Our Favorite Books

Listen to Our Favorite Books HERE In the spirit of the upcoming holidays we discussed some of…

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Gratitude-How To Get Some

Listen to Gratitude-How To Get Some HERE Today, we talked about how important is to teach your…

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On On One Time With Your Kids

Listen to One On One Time With Your Kids HERE Just a reminder-we will be taking time…

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Saving Money: Holiday Edition

Listen to Holiday Budgeting HERE There is nothing worse than opening your credit card statement in January…

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The Toys We Love

Listen to Toys We Love HERE Did you have toys, when you were a kid, that you…

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Women Veterans

Listen to Women Veterans HERE These bears belong to our mom. She got them when we were…

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Making Space by Clearing Out Toys

Listen to Making Space by Clearing Out Toys HERE As you look across the sea of toys…